Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a Sketch

Just a sketch tonight. Too tired to do much else. 

Notice the careful smudging and subtle color transitions in the lower part of the drawing. These take a lot of skill and care to do well. There is a secret to achieving the effect successfully that I am willing to share. 
1. Spill your lime Diet Coke on the image. 
2. Jump up while throwing your clipboard on the floor so you don't get soaked with the quickly moving liquid. 
3. Shout a few obscenities for emphasis and effect. 
3. Mop up the spilled Coke with the first rag or napkin you find. 

That is all there is too it.


Philsy C said...

I am still trying to master this technique. Thank you for the instruction, Don! I have the obscenity part down, now I just need to figure out how to like lime Diet Coke. Hopefully things are good!

Don Seegmiller said...

Phil, any dark soda will do. It is the swearing that makes the technique come alive. Most the time when I am doodling my wife pretty much ignores me but when I use this technique she really notices how talented I am.