Monday, June 02, 2008

Some Sketches

Seems like I don't have lots of energy for much beside sketching. Actually, I love the sketching as much or more than anything. It is the only art that I really am able to do just because I love to do it and I am not limited to subject matter. The three sketches here are of quite different subjects.

I continue to mend though it is really slow. I am still very dizzy and can't hear a thing on my right side. The best way to describe the dizzy is it feels like I am working a laptop while I ride a roller coaster. I really don't feel too bad most the time but I get tired easily. By the evening I am really tired and go to bed much earlier than I usually do. I think it is just the effort of trying to stay upright is tiring.

Anyway, hope you like the sketches.