Thursday, October 18, 2012

Now for Something Cute

I remembered that I had once done something cute and here it is.

This is a pretty old piece.

I was demonstrating Painter for Corel at Siggraph a few years ago. I was on a computer painting for three days. Every half day I would switch what I was working on so it would not be boring for those watching me paint. The original image only had the monster.

As I was finishing the piece one of the Corel people managing the booth came up behind me and quietly asked, "Don't you ever paint anything cute?" Up to that point I guess I had not painted anything cute. I told him that I could indeed paint something cute if I wanted. He challenged me to accomplish the task....

So, I added the cute, pink bunny in the corner getting the stuffing ripped out of him. I thought it was cute. He just rolled his eyes and laughed. I guess that peoples ideas of cute vary greatly.

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Philsy C said...

The colors in this piece are incredible.