Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Halloween Countdown #1

I love October. The leaves blowing across roads in the late evening, great fly fishing, cooler temperatures, and of course Halloween. I have decided to post a sketch or painting each day with a definite monstrous or Halloween feel.

This first post is based on a sketchbook image but taken just a bit further.

The Illustration Club at Utah Valley University has a "Gallery of Terror" each Fall. Well, to be accurate, this is the first year of the Illustration Club and the inaugural year of the "Gallery of Terror". Regardless, anyone is welcome to display a work of art, in any medium, as long as it has a Halloween/Monster theme. I did the poster announcing the show. I wanted something that was over the top and grabbed the attention of students walking by in the halls. This is the image I used.

I guess that the sign of a good poster is how many of them start disappearing off the walls. A few vanished so at least the poster had average appeal.

The drawing is a scan from one of my sketchbooks. I used black and white Prismacolor pencils on brown toned paper. The texture in the background is watercolor. The bloody bits are Photoshop brushes. The whole thing is mixed media. It is funny how if I attach the term mixed media instead of digital the whole image gains credibility. Curious....

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Stewart Craig said...

This sketch rocks!