Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Comic Con Salt Lake City 2014

Wow, hadn't realized that nothing was posted since the beginning of the year. I guess it was a busy semester.

Now is the time to make amends. I spent last Thursday through Saturday at Comic Con in Salt Lake. I was part of the UVU (Utah Valley University) recruiting booth as the cheap entertainment. I was drawing and painting in Painter trying to get people to stop. If they stopped then one of the recruiting minions would grab them and see if they might be interested in studying at UVU. It was great fun. Over the course of the three days I drew/painted 23 images. I will post them here. Most are not what I would consider finished art ..... actually they were more like fishing lures.

If someone would give their information to the recruiting minions then I would sign and give that person a small print. I also gave prints to small children and good looking women. These are the prints that I gave away. I learned several things with the prints the most important being what was popular with the crowd. The "dark angel", "Trick or Treater", and "Dinosaur" were the most requested. The least favorite were the "Lion" and "Creepy Monster".

If you want a set or individual print just drop me a note and we will work something out.