Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something I have been working on

Been absent for awhile. Had a bunch of projects with fast approaching deadlines. A blessing and a curse. Good to stay busy but does take away from a lot of other things .... like actively posting.

Well, here is a crop from one of the projects as well as a piece of the original sketch. Really can't post the whole image or say much more about it. Hope you enjoy looking.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

High Res Cute Puppy Movie

Finally got around to posting a higher res version of the cute puppy movie. Here is the link.

Cute Puppy Movie

Hope you enjoy it. :)

Finished Cave Critter

Well, now it is a new year and I will post more regularly. Kind of just melted down into the sofa with my sketchbook and watched lots of football. Well, took a few naps too.

School starts tomorrow so life ramps up again.

Here is the final version of the cave critter I started a few weeks ago. I should say that it is final for the moment. After a month or so I will look at it again and no doubt make additional adjustments.