Sunday, January 04, 2015

Holiday Sketchbook Challenge

Silly me. I started a holiday sketchbook challenge over on Facebook. Here is the link.

The goal was to try and do 100 Sketches/doodles/drawings, whatever to keep the pencil moving by January 5th.

Immediately with the beginning of the holiday break I got sick. Like real sick for about 10 days. Then a small visit to the hospital for a minor accident. Everything pretty much slowed to a crawl and my posting became nonexistent.

Now it is 11:45 pm on January 4th and the challenge ends in 15 minutes. I will not get any more done tonight.

What I did get done I am going to post in groups of ten (10) without any comment since I am tired and need to go get some beauty sleep. Despite the setbacks I did get about 92-93 drawings done. Some are more finished than others. If I spent at least 15 minutes on the drawing then I counted it.

Without further complaining here are the first group of ten. If you have any questions about any, please drop me a note. Sure, anyone of them is available for a small fee. :)

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