Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Creative Funk

I have been in a creative funk for about two months. I guess it is the same thing as writers block. Anyway, it has been very difficult to get any work done or to even want to do any work. Obviously I did not even finish my Halloween art.

Here is a starting post. I find that the only way to get out of the doldrums is to work .... even when it is hard and unrewarding. Maybe I will get brave and post some of the few additional sketches I finished.

This drawing is black and white Prismacolor pencils with some black watercolor. I have done a bit of post work in Photoshop.


BĂȘlit Rivers said...

I like it. I've been in the same situation I guess. The ideas are there just not the drive. I have a question: Will you be making another tutorial book book for Corel Painter 2015. I learned a lot from your previous books on digital painting.

Don Seegmiller said...

I think all creative people go though the same kinds of feelings for a variety of reasons. Misery loves company.

I am currently working on an outline for another book. I will mention more when I am further in the process. Thanks for asking.