Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Long School Meeting of the Semester

The School of the Arts had it's first long...and I mean three hours long...meeting yesterday morning. I hate meetings of any length. It is probably why I don't belong to any clubs or hobby organizations. Maybe it my sunny disposition that keeps me out though.

Anyway, back to meetings. The only way I find any meeting tolerable is to draw through it. It also keeps me awake.

Many years ago my dear wife trained me well and I do not draw the people attending meetings. If I find someone especially inspirational then I might draw my interpretation of them. There are some sketches in this group that may or may not have attended the meeting in one way or another. I will never tell.

Here for you viewing pleasure and maybe a bit of snickering are the six drawings I did Thursday morning starting at 9:00 and ending just before noon.

For those that are not familiar with the materials I use here is a brief description. I use cover stock from local paper stored on a clipboard, black and white Prismacolor pencils, and occasionally some watercolor pencils.

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Kyle said...

what wrong with drawing the people in your meetings? I draw people sitting in church all the time! haha.