Monday, January 06, 2014

181 through 195

I fell five short. Now, in the future I will maybe remember to look before I leap ..... or maybe not. :)


Mario said...

What an astonishing "tour de force"... each drawing is worth watching carefully.
I wonder if you feel a bit exhausted, or maybe the opposite: very powerful... :)

Trevor Howard said...

Don - I would be impressed if you had made it to 200 but 195? What's the deal? Did your pencil sharpener break? Just kidding of course. Great job! When I grow up I want to be just like you and have a gigantic stuffed black bird in my studio (and be able to draw like nobody's business!:)

Don Seegmiller said...

Mario, Thanks for the kind comment. It has taken a month to get my breath back. Actually, school started again and that has kept me really busy. I will have a few new things to post shortly.

Trevor, What can I say. It was a major letdown not to hit 200. I still have the black bird along with a few skulls and some other odds and ends. Hope all is well and thanks for the comment.