Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cave Critter

I am not really forgetting to post something. I just was sidetracked a bit with the last week of school and finals. I was also working on this painting the last week or so. Here is the link on youtube if you are interested. http://youtu.be/uqFyJVVmA1U

I don't really ever know what sketch will strike my fancy and eventually become a painting. This particular painting started with the sketch posted in my Halloween countdown. It might still be at the bottom of the page. If not, then here is the original sketch.

I am painting this using Corel Painter 12.2. I have about 15 hours work into the painting at the moment. Painter is still my main painting program though I often jump around between different programs depending on my mood and what I am trying to accomplish.

The original image dimensions are 5400 x 4100 pixels.

I will post an update of the final image when finished.


Anonymous said...

what happened with your online courses at cgworkshops? was looking forward to taking them in the future.

Don Seegmiller said...

There will be three or four this year. The first will be starting about mid-February and focus on how to get "mood" into your paintings. The second, tentatively in May will be an online version of one I am teaching at the university, and Monster Painting 3 will be sometime in the summer. I may do a few 2-3 week workshops too that address one or two very specific subjects. Any suggestions are seriously considered. :)