Monday, June 02, 2008

Some Sketches

Seems like I don't have lots of energy for much beside sketching. Actually, I love the sketching as much or more than anything. It is the only art that I really am able to do just because I love to do it and I am not limited to subject matter. The three sketches here are of quite different subjects.

I continue to mend though it is really slow. I am still very dizzy and can't hear a thing on my right side. The best way to describe the dizzy is it feels like I am working a laptop while I ride a roller coaster. I really don't feel too bad most the time but I get tired easily. By the evening I am really tired and go to bed much earlier than I usually do. I think it is just the effort of trying to stay upright is tiring.

Anyway, hope you like the sketches.


mario said...

I do love the two animals... but please don't be so harsh with them - that poor horse didn't deserve that... :)

One question: do you use some reference when you draw? Do you know animal anatomy so well that you could draw the two animals out of your mind?

Susi said...

Gosh Don, so sorry to hear about the vestibular disorder! I had this several years ago after a misdiagnosed tooth abcess that was killing the nerve in my ear and I could not walk for several weeks because of the verigo! It was horrid and it took Physical theapy to bring my balance back! Hey, you are still drawing as magical as always and again I am sorry to hear this, and as you say, would not wish it on a soul! Hope it all all gone and better very soon!
Congrats on the new books and all your success, you deserve it!

DonSeeg said...

I will be more sympathetic with my poor animal subjects in the future....maybe. :)

I don't really think that I know animal anatomy at all. when drawing an animal, often will close my eyes and visualize that animal from memory. I am not really concerned with anatomy when drawing these silly sketches and they are just out of my mind.

kristina said...

you did give me a laugh!! thanks! and I LOVE your art! you are simply amazing!!

Chris said...

HI ! i love to see your stylisation. YOu have a unique style.

One questions:
Are you going to conduct workshop of face and figure painting workshop again in Cgtalk.(n when it will be)
I would definetly like to enroll in it :)

virginia critchfield said...

Feel better, Don. Good to see your sketches. And I think the horse had it coming.

Ramón Miranda said...

You was my inspiration in several forms. and you will always be one of my best references artists. I love your style, and i learn a lot from you. I hope you get better soon. Keep doing this art Don!