Saturday, May 10, 2008

And a last few images from both books.


Lane said...

I've always enjoyed your work Don. Great stuff.

Joey said...

Looking forward to the Advanced Painter book.

Vira-Latas said...

You have now a new fan, man.
I'll be linkin' you in my blog.

Nice stuff. An inspiration to me.

mario said...

"Little Red Riding Hood"... not so innocent, I guess :)

It's good to have updates from you after so much time. Could you give us some more information about the books? Thanks

DonSeeg said...

Thanks everyone.
I just posted a note on the Ballistic Publishing book. It looks to ship in July. I am in the final edits of the Painter book. Here is the Amazon link.

This book is more for the artist that is already pretty familiar with Painter X. The difference between this and a beginning book is that I assume that the reader knows how to use layers, where menu items are located and that sort of thing. The tutorials show various methods that I use to tackle different digital painting subjects. If you know a bit about Painter you should have no problem following along. If you are new to Painter you will also be able to follow but will probably need the help file open. All of the brushes and assets used in the paintings will be available to the reader.

Anonymous said...

tight sketches!!!