Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And another couple

Just a couple more sketches.


Alisa Haggard said...

Hey Don! These are great. I love that dragon guy; so much personality in the scribbles.

Mario said...

Wonderful drawings (as usual), I particularly like the winged wolf (or what is it?).
One question: did you make some preliminary sketches, or are they "first trial" drawings?

marcobucci said...

great work Don! I am starting a small drawing class for some of the kids in my family. And I know that some of what I'll be showing them comes from what I learned from your books.

DonSeeg said...

Thanks Alisa. It is great to hear from you.

Mario...not really sure what the creature is. :) These are just scribbles from my sketch book so there is no preliminary drawing.

Marcobucci. Good luck :) Teaching kids is always such a challenge. Thanks for you kind comments about my books. I do appreciate it immensely.