Monday, August 06, 2007

Finally getting my website working.

Finally getting my website back online. Have a look and let me know what you think. On the contact page is a text blog you can comment on if you would like.



Ani said...

It's good to see it back again ! I'm a great fan of your work, and hope to see more of your work very soon :)

DonSeeg said...

Thanks for the kind remark. Hopefully I will get some good work in the galleries soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don,
I have been looking for your new site sometimes. Finally I got there. Glad you got it up and running again. I like your stuff and get some inspiration and some laughs from your characters! I'll be back to check it out again.
I am also an old time Painter user, but I have to admit ArtRage takes over more and more. It's so much easy ta handle and so intuitive. But I can't do without Painter, not yet...

Bob said...

Don -

Your work is an inspiration to me, and your books have been very helpful. I am adding a link to your site today under Painter Resources-Artistic Inspirations. Hopefully this will spur you on to adding lots of good stuff to your site!! : )