Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A few new sketches

A few sketches I did this evening while watching my son umpire a little league game. Sketching helps me behave during these types of activities.


Mario said...

Thank you for sharing these sketches, I often visit your website hoping to find new images. Last time I found your site (temporarily) "closed", but I discovered your blog, so the visit was worth anyway... :)

I like your paintings, of course, but I'm absolutely in love with your sketches.
I would suggest that you write a book about drawing. I've bought your book about digital painting and I do like it, but I would really like to have a similar step-by-step insight of your drawings. And also suggestions about "pencil strokes", shading, drawing instruments and anything else about drawing - although I understand that, in such subjects, everyone has to find his way simply drawing a lot.
(If not a "real" book, you may prepare an online book for downloading. I know it's difficult to protect digital books from illegal copy, but a "fair price" usually helps a lot).

I hope my suggestions don't look unpolite, and sorry for my poor english.

DonSeeg said...

Mario, Thanks, that is a good idea. I have actually been thinking about that for awhile and maybe I will get around to it this summer.

Mark Behm said...

Argh! What a cool batch of sketches!