Friday, December 08, 2006

Work art challenge

The subject for this last two weeks was a "Fantasy Creature". I painted this.... Chupacabra. Course, I don't have a clue if one really looks like this. Course neither does anyone else. The original is 2400 x 1200 pixels and it was painted in Corel Painter.


Andrew Cramer said...

THis is one scary pic! I lovt it! I saw this at your work blog as wells Nate's and the rest. Amazing work. I love the obscure shape and the way the teeth just kinda glare out at you.

Seth Hippen said...

Amazing, fantastic stuff, as usual! I'm glad this picture wasn't around when I was a tike. It would have just made the nightmares worse. I'm glad I found your blog though.

Sam Nielson said...

Hey Don,
I really like this guy. Cool use of texture.

DonSeeg said...

Andrew,Sam, and Seth, Thanks for dropping by.

Andrew, I kinda got carried away with the teeth. I am doing a monster painting online workshop for CG Society and wanted to make sure I could paint teeth for that weeks video.

Seth, I actually hope to update this on a more regular basis but you never know.

Sam, thanks, I was trying to show a couple of artists how I use textures in Painter and Photoshop and... sometimes it is just fun to paint mnonsters.

Nicky Lin said...

I love this. the crackel in the background is a great effect. gives it a kind of unstable feeling, like the monster is gonna break out of the painting. I also love your figure and cloth stuff.

Mark Behm said...

Aha! Found you - by accident no less. Good to see you blogging. I'll be watching for new stuff!